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Pope Saint Pius X on the Apostasy, the Antichrist, and God's Victory

Pope Saint Pius X

Encyclical E Supremis, 1903

The Apostasy, The Antichrist, and God’s Victory

«Then again, to omit other motives, We were terrified beyond all else by the disastrous state of human society today. For who can fail to see that society is at the present time, more than in any past age, suffering from a terrible and deep rooted malady which, developing every day and eating into its inmost being, is dragging it to destruction? You understand, Venerable Brethren, what this disease is - apostasy from God, than which in truth nothing is more allied with ruin, according to the word of the Prophet: “For behold they that go far from Thee shall perish” (Ps 72,27)». (nr. 3)

«For in truth, “The nations have raged and the peoples imagined vain things” (Ps 2,1) against their Creator, so frequent is the cry of the enemies of God: “Depart from us” (Job 21,14). And as might be expected we find extinguished among the majority of men all respect for the Eternal God, and no regard paid in the manifestations of public and private life to the Supreme Will - nay, every effort and every artifice is used to destroy utterly the memory and the knowledge of God». (nr. 4)

«When all this is considered there is good reason to fear lest this great perversity may be as it were a foretaste, and perhaps the beginning of those evils which are reserved for the last days; and that there may be already in the world the “Son of Perdition” of whom the Apostle speaks (II Thess 2,3). Such, in truth, is the audacity and the wrath employed everywhere in persecuting religion, in combating the dogmas of the faith, in brazen effort to uproot and destroy all relations between man and the Divinity! While, on the other hand, and this according to the same apostle is the distinguishing mark of Antichrist, man has with infinite temerity put himself in the place of God, raising himself above all that is called God; in such wise that although he cannot utterly extinguish in himself all knowledge of God, he has contemned God's majesty and, as it were, made of the universe a temple wherein he himself is to be adored. “He sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself as if he were God”». (II Thess 2,2). (nr. 5)

«Verily no one of sound mind can doubt the issue of this contest between man and the Most High. Man, abusing his liberty, can violate the right and the majesty of the Creator of the Universe; but the victory will ever be with God - nay, defeat is at hand at the moment when man, under the delusion of his triumph, rises up with most audacity. Of this we are assured in the holy books by God Himself. Unmindful, as it were, of His strength and greatness, He “overlooks the sins of men” (Wisd 11,24), but swiftly, after these apparent retreats, “awaked like a mighty man that hath been surfeited with wine” (Ps. 77,65), “He shall break the heads of his enemies” (Ps 67,22), that all may know “that God is the king of all the earth” (Ps 46,8), “that the Gentiles may know themselves to be men” (Ps 9,20)». (nr. 6)

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Apparitions of Our Lady of El Escorial, Spain, 1981-2002

Our Lady of El Escorial
Spain, 1981-2002

Apparitions of Jesus Christ and Our Lady, undergoing investigation by a commission
headed by the Archbishop of Madrid, the Most Reverend Carlos Osoro;
and with approven Eucharistic Cult at the place of the apparitions.

Painting of Our Lady of Sorrows, according to the description of the visionary Luz Amparo Cuevas.

Known as the apparitions of Our Lady of Escorial, they happened in Prado Nuevo (on the outskirts of El Escorial, county of Madrid) between June 1981 and May 2002, to a humble housewife called Luz Amparo Cuevas (1931-2012). Our Lady appeared on an European Ash, which is nowadays the great relic of Prado Nuevo, together with the Chapel that the Mother of God asked for in the first apparition on June 14th, 1981:

«I am the sorrowful Lady. I want a chapel, in honour of my name, to be built in this place. Let all peoples come here to meditate on the Passion of my Son, which is completely forgotten. If what I say is fulfilled, there will be healings; this water will heal [in reference to the water that springs forth from the nearby fountain].
I shall bless everyone who comes here to pray the holy Rosary on a daily basis. Many will be marked with a cross on their foreheads. Do penance, pray.»

European Ash where the first apparition of Our Lady to Luz Amparo took place, on June 14th, 1981,
and the fountain from where springs forth the water that Our Lady promised would heal after the building of the Chapel.


13th of November 1981

[Considered the portico of the Messages of Jesus and Our Lady at Escorial]

«Yes, My daughter, here is your Celestial Father, as I told you on the first day of My apparition. I am your Celestial Father and I know you suffer a lot. How would I not know how horrible those torments are, if I Myself suffered them for the whole of Humanity, which is so ungrateful! I know you don't deserve any of this, My daughter, but they need to be saved, they need to be saved no matter what. Listen to Me, My daughter, for My Victim Heart gets tired of the ungratefulness of My loved children. I'm not talking about the wickedness of the ungodly, but of the malice of the Christians.
I'm going to openly report to you the situation of the world, so that you understand the reason of My Mystical Passion as immolated victim for the world, as Martyr King of My charity for souls and as God disdained by My creatures. My daughter, I used all My Wisdom to make available to men all the means to obtain the joy of My eternal Kingdom. To attract them, I used all My tenderness, My goodness, My mercy, My riches, My magnificence, and My love. But they don't want to know about anything, they're ungrateful. I did for all what I would do for My own children, but they don't deserve it. Everything I did for them [the unfaithful], for everyone in general, I did in the same way as for My elected. What I did for My own, I did for everyone in general and to everyone I gave My example in the way of this world. For all I ascended into Heaven, heading back to the bosom of the Father, and for all I made the miracle of the consecration of the Eucharist, to remain here with them. I am, for all, not only for some, shut in that sacrament, sad, suffering. For all I instituted My privileged Priesthood and for all I founded the Holy Church with its aid of unfailing virtue and of only hope of eternity.
My daughter, I gave to all My words of salvation and of life, that the holy Gospel of the law, of grace and of love keeps and expresses with all clarity in those words: “Love one another”. I expressed it in a language that all would understand. And I said to you: “Remain united all of you, remain in Me, so that we are one..., so that we are one, as the Father and I are one”. But what have they done of My Word, of My doctrine and of My wishes, other than mockery, crimes and betrayal, My daughter?
Look, My daughter: My beloved Church was formed, erected and extended throughout the souls; but the eternal Enemy entered the mischievous race to take possession of all; he took possession of the whole race. He also came to divide the family [Christianity], in which, with the emerging of groups, started undermining each other.
I don't complain about the Enemy neither of his followers, for they are all damned; I complain about the ones that, although Mine, favor the works of evil. My daughter, the Enemy wants to seduce and doesn't know how.
Always remember My words, because if I hadn't warned you..., but I am constantly warning you. If I hadn't warned you, you would have less responsibility, but as it is, how can you excuse yourselves, My children? You have no excuse.
My daughter, the Final Day is near and in that Final Day I will come as Judge. Have I not, by any chance, said it to My Holy Church? Have I not come to the rescue with shepherds? Have I not poured miracles everywhere and poured My love? But they refused to receive all these things with a pure heart. Of course, all these; do you know who they are? The unthankful, the ungrateful.
My daughter, tell them that they are still in time, that they all come to Me, as I have said in one occasion: “Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Come contrite and repentant, making efforts to beat the evil tendencies of your passions and of the seductions that the world, the devil and the flesh offer you, like he [Satan] did one day in the paradise of the first natural parents.
Tell them that when I invite them to come to Me, it is to come with the spirit of changing the bad life of vice, of sin, of disbelief, of malice and of refined commodity with which, in each day, you surrounded your human life. Because it is, precisely, human beings that have to supernaturalize the actions, imitating Me in everything I did, when I assumed the human nature, in which, from the first to last day in this life, I sought sacrifice, poverty, humility and discomfort. That is why I was born in a freezing winter night and was placed on straw of a corral of animals, to offer My Father the redeeming and propitious sacrifice to be paid to Divine Justice for your sins, My children. As it is, you are all obliged to love Me, for it was for that that I descended to you, making Myself similar to you in all moments, except in sin.
My daughter, tell the youth what real love consists in; tell the young to come close to Me. That, in silence and with faith in My presence in My Eucharist, they ask Me the secret of happiness of the human heart in this life and in eternity. My daughter, reveal to them how blessed you are by the action of My love and that there will be no love that makes someone happy, if it is not grafted in My love. Yes, My daughter, warn them all.
Look, My daughter, today Satan is celebrating his party in the depths of Hell. You are going to see him: look how the caves are full of damned, sinners, unrighteous, and how they roll around because of the fire! They are damned spirits, My daughter. Look how Hell is full of sinners, and don't forget that it is for all eternity! There are those who think “how can God, being merciful, send such a punishment?” Yes, My daughter, My Eternal Father is merciful, but He is also just and gives each one what he deserves. Look, My daughter, how many spirits of evil there are in the middle, and how the souls of sinners suffer tortures for their sins. There is no death here, however, in the places in Heaven there is the life, My daughter. How many preferred to die in order not to suffer! Look, My daughter, you are going to see a part of Heaven, so that you don't remain horrified, with that bad taste. Look at such happiness, look at such peace, look at such joy; here there is no envy, no suffering, everything is love! Where I am there can never be suffering, but where Satan is with his followers there is nothing but torment and suffering. Warn them all, tell them to convert, for I do not want them to be condemned. Tell them, My daughter, tell them all.
Goodbye, My daughter.»

Official position of the Church
regarding the apparitions of Our Lady of Escorial

In 1985 (four years after the first apparition), the Archbishop of Madrid at that time, the Most Reverend Cardinal Angel Suquía y Goicoechea, published a note stating: «It is not admitted the supernatural character of the supposed “apparitions and revelations” that happen in the place known as Prado Nuevo [...]». Right from the beginning, these declarations caused confusion in whoever heard the words «it is not admitted the supernatural character»; in fact, being precise theological formulas, they may be misunderstood by whoever is not familiar with the terms. The Ecclesiastical Authority, whenever making an official statement on supposed apparitions, may use one of three theological formulas for this purpose:
1.       «It is admitted the supernatural character», when the supernatural character of the apparition has been proven to exist.
2.       «It is not admitted the supernatural character», when the supernatural character of the apparition has not (perhaps yet) been proven.
3.       «It is admitted that there is no supernatural character», when the supernatural character has been proven not to exist.
So, the formulas 1 and 3 are both conclusive statements from the Ecclesiastic Authority on what happened: either positive («it is admitted the supernatural») or negative («it is admitted the non-supernatural»).
The formula 2 (which was used by the Archbishop of Madrid regarding the apparitions and revelations in Prado Nuevo) is essentially temporary, and is used when the apparitions are undergoing an investigation by the Ecclesiastic Authority. Archbishop Angel Suquía has clarified in successive occasions the temporary character of the formula that was used regarding the apparitions of Prado Nuevo: «Where it says “not admitted” it does not mean “does not exist”». He also clarified that the formula does not mean “prohibition” but rather a first measure of ecclesiastic prudency, «a standard procedure in these matters».
The temporary theological formula that states «it is not admitted the supernatural character» targets a fact for which there is still no conclusive judgement. Therefore, this temporary formula must necessarily be changed into a conclusive formula, either positive (1) or negative (2), once the apparitions and their contents are examined. Having this in mind, the full investigation on the theological content of the messages started only after May 2002, when the last apparition took place and the last message was revealed. This investigation looks at 376 messages given by Jesus and Our Lady, from 1981 to 2002, for the whole mankind.
On the same statement of 1985, the archbishop of Madrid asks («ruego encarecido») – in no way a prohibition – the priests and religious to refrain from participating in the religious acts (Rosaries, Stations of the Cross, etc.) in Prado Nuevo so as to avoid spreading the idea that the Church had already officially recognised the apparitions as from Our Lady and Jesus.
However, archbishop Antonio Maria Rouco Varela (the successor of archbishop Ángel Suquía), due to the concessions regarding the apparitions of Our Lady in Prado Nuevo of Escorial, de facto revokes the statement of his predecessor regarding the affluence of priests and religious to the place of the apparitions. In June 14th, 2006, the archbishop of Madrid, the Most Reverend Antonio Maria, grants permission for the celebration of the Eucharist in the context of the 25th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady to Luz Amparo. This permission was granted on every June 14th of the following years until February 2009, when permission to celebrate Mass on the first Saturday of every month in a nearby location was granted by the same archbishop. More recently (2011), during the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady to Luz Amparo, the cardinal archbishop of Madrid, the Most Reverend António Maria Rouco Varela, granted permission for the construction of the Chapel that Our Lady asked for in her first message on June 14th, 1981, in Prado Nuevo of Escorial, where there is now daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist, with a particular high number of pilgrims on the first Saturday of every month. Thus, the permission de facto for the cult and piety deeds on the place of the apparitions of Our Lady to Luz Amparo in Prado Nuevo of Escorial has been officially granted.
A lot of people regarded this gesture of the cardinal archbishop of Madrid as an implicit recognition of the supernatural character of the facts and messages of Escorial. It can be! However, for the time being, the theological formula of the statement of archbishop Ángel Suquía, in 1985, regarding the supernatural character of the events of Prado Nuevo, still stands as the official position of the Ecclesiastic Authority and has to wait for the conclusive statement on these matters from the same Authority.

Jesus and Our Lady gave a total of 376 messages for the whole mankind, touching on every aspect of the Gospels of Our Lord Jesus Christ and on all dimensions of the Faith of the Catholic and Apostolic Church. And this is precisely what I intend to spread in this blog, through publishing some parts of messages of Our Lord and the Virgin Mary regarding:
  • the Passion of Christ and other mysteries of the life of Our Lord (incarnation, presentation in the temple, transfiguration, descent into the hells, etc.)
  • the Holy Church, the Sacraments, the Pope, the bishops, the priests, the consecrated people, the families, the lay people;
  • the second coming of Christ (universal scatology);
  • the four last things: death, judgment, Heaven and hell (individual scatology);

Procession with the image of Our Lady of Sorrows – from the Chapel to the European Ash
where Our Lady appeared to Luz Amparo – in order to start the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

The nuns are the “Sisters for the Reparation of Our Lady Virgin of Sorrows” – a Work of the Church born out of the requests of Our Lady to Luz Amparo and that was canonically recognized on July 14th, 1994, by the once Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Ángel Suquía y Goicoechea.

Moment of Holy Communion, during Holy Mass, on the first Saturday of May 2013, in Prado Nuevo of Escorial.
On the background, one can see the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows.    

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Sister Lucy of Fátima - “The final confrontation between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be on the issues of family and matrimony.”

Sister Lucia
Visionary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima

Sister Lucia in 1946

“The final confrontation between the Lord and the kingdom of satan will be on the issues of family and Matrimony.”

In an interview to the La voce di Padre Pio, in March 2015, Cardinal Carlo Cafarra speaks about a letter he wrote to sister Lucia asking for prayers. At that time, Saint John Paull II, Pope, had entrusted to him the task of founding what is now the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, of which this Cardinal is, nowadays, emeritus professor.

«At the beginning of that work that was entrusted to me by the Servant of God John Paull II, — explains Cafarra — I wrote to sister Lucia, through the bishop, because it was not allowed to do it directly. Inexplicably, even though I was not expecting an answer – because I was only asking for prayers for the project –, after a few days I received a long handwritten letter from her, which has been preserved in the Institute’s archive; in this letter, one can read:
“The final confrontation between the Lord and the kingdom of satan will be on the issues of family and matrimony. Do not be afraid – she adds – because whoever works for the sanctity of matrimony and the family will always, by all means, be fought and hated, because this is a cornerstone.” Then, concluding: “[…] but Our Lady has already crushed his head.”
Speaking with Saint John Paull II, we could see that he knew that this was a central issue, because it touches the column that supports Creation, the truth about the relation between man and woman and between generations. If the central pillar is touched, the whole building collapses, and that is what we are seeing now, because we are in this moment and we know it».

Here is the original interview:

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Fulton J. Sheen - "The Church and the counter-church"

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, Archbishop

Proclaimed venerable by
His Holiness Benedict PP. XVI, on June 28th, 2012.

The Church and the counter-church

«He [Satan] will set up a counter-church which will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ.
Then will be verified a paradox: the very objections with which men in the last century rejected the Church will be the reasons why they will now accept the counter-church.»[1]

[1] Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Communism and the Conscience of the West, (Bobbs-Merrill, 1948), pp. 24-25.

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"I will not look much longer upon a world that flaunts sin. I am going to change the landscape" - Jesus' message on May 6th, 2004

Revelations of Jesus and Our Lady
to Anne, a lay apostle
USA, 2003-2004

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, November 12th, 2013,
by the Right Reverend Leo O’Reilly, bishop of Kilmore, Ireland.

We shall publish in Pleas of Our Lady the messages given by Jesus, through Anne, to the whole mankind; as published in ten volumes on the official website: www.directionforourtimes.com. We shall emphasize the first part of Volume 4 – Jesus the King –, the Volume 5 – Jesus the Redeemer – and Volume 8 – Resting in the Heart of the Saviour­ –.

Jesus’ message on May 6th, 2004

“I will not look much longer upon a world that flaunts sin.
I am going to change the landscape.”

«Serve Me. I have such need of laborers who serve with purity and dedication. Your all- powerful God needs you. This thought should fill you with determination to serve. My motives, now as always, originate in love. It is in love that I seek to save each and every soul. My love knows no limits and My knowledge of you also knows no limits. You were created by Me. In My eyes you are delightful. I love everything about you. I even love your weaknesses because it is through the overcoming of these weaknesses that you will achieve your place in heaven. I did not create you to sin, little one. No. I did not create you to sin.
Do I expect you to sin? Yes. I expect that you will experience your weaknesses. This does not surprise Me. What I want though, is for you to understand that such actions are sins, that these actions offend your God, and that you must adopt the proper attitude of repentance.
I will not look much longer upon a world that flaunts sin in the faces of My servants and uses sin to mock good and holy souls. I will not gaze much longer upon this scene because I am going to change the landscape. Holiness and godliness will return. You may be certain of that. What I draw reference to now is the process in between what the world looks like at this moment and what is going to happen to cleanse the world so that we have our return to goodness.
Children, you will experience darkness. You are experiencing darkness now in the form of a tragic level of disobedience and rebellion. This has brought a darkness over your world that makes it difficult for Christian souls to have hope. Another darkness is coming and it will be a physical darkness. You will see it with your physical sense of sight. This has been foretold and does not surprise some of you, as I, Myself, have allowed many to understand what is in the future. Be at peace, holy souls, because this darkness and time of trial is willed by Me and I can only will what is good for My children. I will take many of you to heaven at that time and your reward will be far beyond your expectation. I will compensate you for experiencing this difficult time with the greatest and most sublime of graces during the transition from this world to the next. You see that you need not be afraid. Only if you have chosen against Me and continue to rebelliously sin should you be fearful. Repent. Do so now, today».[1]

Official position of the Church regarding the revelations of Jesus to Anne

On June 16th, 2006, the bishop of Kilmore, the Right Reverend Leo O’Reilly, issues a statement (cf. attached to every volume of the messages) saying:
«I have known “Anne”, the founder of the movement, for several years. She is a Catholic in good standing in the diocese, a wife and mother of small children, and a woman of deep spirituality. From the beginning she has always been anxious that everything connected to the movement be subjected to the authority of the Church. She has submitted all her writings to me and will not publishing anything without my permission. She has submitted her writings to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and I have done so as well.
In so far as I am able to judge she is orthodox in her writings and teachings. Her spirituality and the spiritual path that she proposes to those who wish to accept it are in conformity with the teachings of the Church and of the great spiritual writers of the past and present».

On September 2nd, 2011, Bishop O’Reilly issues another statement (cf. attached to every volume of the messages) updating the official position regarding the messages:
  • States that the first permission for the publication of the messages remains unchanged and that the publications may continue to be spread.
  • Emphasizes that the permission for the publication of the messages is not in any way a final judgment on the authenticity of the private revelations and that, in regard to this matter, one must wait for the final declaration from the ecclesiastic authority.
  • Disclosed that in 2010 a diocesan commission of theologians was gathered in order to study the writings of Anne and to assess her witness to the messages she received from Heaven. The theological commission is carrying on its work and the final report shall be made public in due time.

The Right Reverend O’Reilly, on November 12th, 2013, issued the Imprimitur to all the messages received by Anne, after they received the Nihil Obstat from the Deputy Censor the Reverend John Canon Murphy, PP, VF Bailieborough (cf. http://directionforourtimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Bishop-Leo-OReilly-Imprimatur-Statement.pdf).

[1] Direction for Our Times, Volume 5 – Jesus the Redeemer, pp. 15-16.